Kashmir Fine Indian Cuisine

Kashmir Fine Indian Cuisine, we prepare our dishes from the finest fresh produce, fresh meats and freshly ground spices. These are blended with consummate skill and artistry to produce savoury treats that tantalize the eye and palate.

We offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes to suit all tastes. With a carefully selected list of items on our menu, we have established a perfect balance of lunch and dinner with a variety of pleasant and delicious meals. Our dedicated chefs take pride in creating masterpieces in our kitchen day after day.

The ambience at our restaurant creates a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Not only do you enjoy exceptional food and service but we also ensure that you leave with a feeling of fulfillment.

7 Things to Look for in an Indian Restaurant in Montreal

Are you eager to try delicious, exotic cuisine at an Indian restaurant? Montreal is home to a number of fine Indian dining establishments, and if you open the yellow pages, you will be bombarded with options. So, how do you choose an appropriate Indian restaurant for your next dinner date or event? Whether you’re planning a party and need excellent catering services or you’re looking for a romantic, exotic restaurant where you can dine with your significant other, here are 7 important things to look for in an Indian restaurant in Montreal.

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Enjoy Innovative Cuisine and Historical Charm at a Restaurant in Old Montreal

Old Montreal is the historical district of Montreal that’s located between downtown Montreal and the St. Lawrence River. Old Montreal covers an area of about one square kilometer. It is easily accessible by boat, public transit, bike, or automobile, but once you’re there, it’s best to explore the district by foot or horse carriage so you can soak in all of the historical charm and beautiful attractions that the district has to offer. The cobblestone streets of old Montreal overflow with warmth and life. Lively jazz clubs, inviting restaurants, and memorable attractions line the lively streets of this fascinating district.

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